How To Give

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You can provide opportunities to the youth of Central Iowa through the game of golf!  See below for what your generous donation can provide!


SCHOLARSHIP A PARTICIPANT – a nominal fee of $75 is required for a youth to participate in The First Tee of Central Iowa’s Certification Program.  However, The First Tee of Central Iowa does not turn any kid away from participating in the Life Skills Experience.  If they cannot afford it, we will provide the youth with a scholarship so they can participate.  To scholarship one youth for the Certification Program is $75.

CERTIFICATION PROGRAM PARTICIPATION – The First Tee of Central Iowa provides great life skills experiences and golf education and training through our Certification Program.  The expense to the organization is $1,200 per participant.

LIFE SKILLS EQUIPMENT – each year The First Tee of Central Iowa needs to purchase additional equipment or replace worn out equipment.  Equipment includes but is not limited to orange cones, foam noodles, hoola hoops, tennis balls, nerf footballs, bean bags, rope, alignment sticks, frisbees, soccer balls and foam balls of varying sizes.  Equipment cost per year is $500.

DRIVE EQUIPMENT & CURRICULUM – This activity-based golf program has been specifically designed for youth-serving organizations such as the YMCA, local community centers and the Boys & Girls Clubs. Participants are exposed to core value behaviors through games, using sports that young people may already be familiar with, such as baseball, football, bowling and tennis; however, these games are modified to incorporate the four basic golf shots – putt, chip, pitch, and full swing.  Cost to implement this program is approximately $4,500 per location.  We are currently in one YMCA and have a goal to be in four locations by the end of 2017.

NATIONAL SCHOOL PROGRAM – This program creates an environment where young people experience the lifelong sport of golf while learning basic golf motor skills and the inherent values of the game including health-enhancing habits. Our program provides opportunities to equip and empower students to overcome challenges in school and all areas of their lives, for a lifetime. Physical educators receive professional development training and are provided developmentally appropriate curriculum and equipment for effective implementation into their programs.  Cost to implement is approximately $4,500 per school.  Currently, we are in 15 Des Moines area schools with a goal to be in 40 schools by the end of 2017.

GIRLS GOLF PROGRAM – cost to provide young girls in our community with a program designed to empower/inspire girls on the golf course, in the classroom and as they pursue college and careers is $5,000+ per year.

CERTIFIED COACH TRAINING – The First Tee Certified Coach Program is an educational training program that prepares staff and volunteers at chapters of The First Tee to deliver The First Tee Life Skills Experience. The First Tee Certified Coach Program relies on developing a philosophy that supports and enhances The First Tee Life Skills Experience. The average investment to certify a coach for each level of training is $1,750.

TRANSPORTATION – The First Tee of Central Iowa provides our youth participants with the best Life Skills Experience possible, during the Certification Program we provide transportation to and from the Des Moines Driving Range.  The average annual cost of transportation for the Certification Program is $2,800.

JR. GOLF CLUBS – we receive many sets of donated clubs, but the donations are not enough to keep our participants outfitted with the proper clubs to participate. By donating $250, you we will be able to purchase one brand new full set of clubs with carry bag for a participant to utilize during our Life Skills Experience and Certification Program.